7 Wrong Things You’re Doing Everyday

7 Everyday Things You’re Doing Wrong

The things we do every day are our habits. It’s something normal for us.

In this article, we’re going to present you 7 things that we do every day, but we’re doing them wrong.

1. You Use Your Shoulders When You’re Breathing

Breathing is something we all do like it’s a normal thing to do, but still, many of us are doing it wrong.

People usually open the chest for a deep breath and at the same time, their shoulders are raising. This is wrong. During the process of inhaling, the diaphragm, which is at the bottom of our ribcage, moves downward because it’s contracting. This gives our lungs more space for expansion.

Try to breathe while your focus is on the diaphragm. Don’t use your shoulders and your chest, but the belly. You’ll breathe fully and you’ll be more relaxed and refreshed.

2. Too Many Paper Towels

Many people use paper towels after they wash their hands, but sometimes, the amount of paper that’s wasted becomes too much.

Here’s something good that you can do for the environment: wash your hands and then shake the water from them well. Then, take paper towels. You’ll certainly use less than previously.

3. Brushing Your Teeth Horizontally

This is one of our most important habits, but it has to be done properly in order to be efficient.

People usually brush their teeth in circles, across or horizontally, but here, we’re going to present you what’s the best technique. Its name is the Bass technique. Massage the gums using your toothbrush in circular movements firmly. Pull to the edge of every tooth vertically. Brushing your teeth should take 2 or 3 minutes.

4. Too Much Soap While Showering

We all like having relaxing baths which smell great. This feels great, but did you know that using too much soap can cause problems with your skin? Many soaps have a high pH level which causes our skin to dehydrate. You’d better use a smaller amount which will help you hydrate your skin and have a refreshed and clean body.

5. Plan Your Breaks Carefully

Feeling very productive comes at different times for all of us. You shouldn’t take a break whenever you’re feeling like this. Try to get the most of you and stay focused.

6. You And Your Boss Are Connected On Social Media

We all know that technology and social media are fulfilling our lives in modern times, but this can be bad. It is very important to separate your personal life from your work life. In this way, your emotional and mental health will benefit. In case your boss tries to contact you when you’re not at work, don’t answer. You’ll be able to recover from work and you’ll feel better.

7. You Don’t Do Warm Ups Before Exercising

People usually consider warm ups pointless, but this is wrong. You need to warm up the muscles and stretch out the tendons to decrease the risk of any injury. You’ll feel less sore after the workout is finished.

Every Day Will Be Better If You Do Things The Right Way!

You’ll have an easier life if you make these right things your routine. Adopt them tomorrow and have an improved lifestyle!

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