Cabbage Is The Best Food To Prevent Inflammation, Detoxify Our Liver, Heal Stomach Ulcer Etc.


Cabbage is full of healing powers. It has been used for numerous centuries. It’s a vegetable which belongs in the group of the cruciferous. They are a part of the Brassicaceae family. The name originates of a New Latin word “Cruciferae” which means they have shapes of cross on their flowers. They can be usually found in Europe, but also throughout the whole world. The plant is full of different nutrients and fiber, but a small amount of calories.

They can have different nutrition profiles. Cruciferous vegetables are especially rich in vitamin K, vitamin C and vitamin A, but also a lot of dietary fiber. They’re especially unique because of the glucosinolates they contain which are compounds rich in sulfur. They can fight cancer, but they’re also full of other health benefits like: decreasing inflammation, increasing the loss of weight and improving the heart health.

Numerous medicinal properties are a part of one cabbage: it fights peptic ulcers, helps against digestive problems, fights inflammation, improves the health of your colon and bones etc.

You can find 3 types of cabbage: Savoy, green and red/purple. The Savoy type can help us prevent cancer because it contains a lot of sinigrin. This is one of the glucosinolates which is especially helpful against prostate, colon and bladder cancer.

These are some of the health benefits cabbage offers:

Builds Our Blood: Cabbage juice is especially helpful for people who have anemia. Only 1 glass of raw cabbage juice every day will improve your blood because it’s high in chlorophyll and numerous other healthy nutrients.

Helps Us Heal Wounds: Cabbage is abundant in very strong anti-inflammatory properties. They are helpful against blisters, wounds, sore spots and swollen glands or cuticles.

Heals Peptic Ulcers: One of the best properties cabbage offers to us is the treatment of peptic ulcers.

Detoxification Of The Colon And The Stomach: Using freshly squeezed raw cabbage juice can help us against intestinal inflammation and treats diarrhea. Our stomach becomes detoxified and free of any toxin.

Liver Detox: Cabbage can help us decrease any effect of dehydration, alleviate headaches which appear because of liver intoxication and it can clean our liver completely.

Weight Loss properties: Cabbage has very powerful diuretic and detoxifying effects that help us lose weight.

The best benefits from this vegetable can be obtain if we consume it steamed, raw or like a juice. Enjoy the taste and the numerous benefits!

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