Do not suffer, getting these things to your bedroom

Do not suffer, getting these things to your bedroom

Today we are going to talk about another different topic. This is nothing new to you. Some people go to their bedroom only when they need to sleep. But another use their bedrooms to do almost all of their daily activities such as running on the treadmill, eating. This may be easy for them but do you know how much harm or inconvenience these things can do to you in your bedroom? You may not know how much these things affect your life. That’s why we thought we needed to talk about this.

Do you put your shoes in bedroom?

Before entering the house we take off our shoes and relax our feet. The other thing is that the shoes we walk on everywhere have bacteria as well as dirty things. Most people do not have an Shoes rack at door of their home. As a result, they take off their shoes outside the house or in the bedroom. This makes germs more likely to enter bedrooms and get sick. So the best thing to do is keep your shoes on a shelf outside the house.

Alarm or mobile phone

There are people who are afraid of alarm anxiety. These people get up in the middle of the night and check the alarm. Then I regret not sleeping. Because of this I can’t sleep. This makes them sick. The new date cannot be restarted. Place the alarm in a position where you can hear it outside the bedroom.

You can turn off the alarm completely by making sure you get a good night’s sleep every night. It creates a sleep cycle that wakes your brain up on its own. Also, do not carry the phone to your bedroom. The things that get its attention will unknowingly pay off for a long time. Because of this you can not get proper sleep.

Your family photos

We all keep family photos at home. But according to feng shui rules, keeping photos of your family in the bedroom at night and looking at your family can cause you a lot of anxiety and unnecessary stress. You also begin to think about your responsibilities to these people. Because of this you will not get proper sleep after the stress in the bedroom.

Keeping photos of deceased family members in the bedroom also means you have to stay awake all right. In other words, the bedroom should be a place dedicated to you and your partner, not other people’s photos.

Your exercise machines

An exercise machine requires a lot of space and if you do not have a large house, storing it can be a tactical thing. However, you should never keep it in the bedroom. It is more likely to wake up in the morning and be injured by a collision with exercise machines. If you do not exercise properly now, you may feel sad at night when looking at exercise machines. This can cause you to lose valuable sleep.

Your working table

When a table is set in the bedroom, it often makes you sleepy. Also, when you go to bed at night, you get stressed when you see the work table. I spent the whole night thinking about work. This is not really a good thing for health. The easiest solution is not to keep your desk in the bedroom. If you have a small or space problem in your home, at least keep a desk behind your bed. Or use a screen to separate the bed and the table. Never sit on the couch and work. It affects their posture.

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