Do These Five Exercises Every Week If You Have Over Forty Years And You Are A Woman

Exercising elder woman

Women should make some exercises, especially when they get older, in order to stay healthy, strong and not to gain extra weight. Here is a list of five exercises which should be performed every single week:

* Burpee

First, stand up. The feet should be apart in shoulder-width. After that, you need to lower the body into a position of a squat and then put the hands in front, touching the floor. Get the feet right back and lower your chest to do a push up. In continuation, bring your chest back up. You feet should be in a starting position. You need to stand up and then jump in the air while you do a clap with your hands over your head.

* Squat

Woman doing squats
Woman doing squats

Start with the feet apart in shoulder-width. Held up an out your chest. Extend the hands in front. Sit down and back like you sit on a chair. Then, lower down so the thighs are parallel, with the knee over the ankle. This position should be held for a couple of seconds and then go to the starting position. Repeat this 20 times.

* Lunge

Start with the feet apart in shoulder-width and put the arms on the hips. After that, do a step forward with the leg and flex both knees until the rear knee nearly can touch the ground. After that, return to the starting position. Switch the legs and do this 20 times.

* Plank

Woman Planking
Woman planking

First, put your body in a pushup position. The part of your body which is up must be straight and in line with the toes and elbows which are a little lifted up. This position should be kept for a while and take deep breaths.

* Straight Leg Raise

Lie on your back and put the arms under your butt. Lift up the feet and the shoulders of the ground. Then, lift up the legs and keep the other parts of the body calm. The position should be kept for a couple of seconds and lower the legs without touching the ground. Repeat this ten times.

These are excellent exercises for women after the age of forty. Try them out.

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