Eat 1 Whole Avocado Every Day Because Of These Amazing Reasons

Whole Avocado

Avocado is a fruit that almost everyone loves. Besides it’s healthy, it also has a great taste. It contains an abundance of nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

According to many studies, consuming avocados every day can offer you amazing benefits! Here are some of the best:

Impressive nutritional profile

One serving of avocado will give you more than 20 minerals and vitamins: 26% of vitamin B6, 53% of vitamin K, 21% of vitamin E, 33% of vitamin C, 28% of potassium, 19% of copper, 41% of folate and 28% of pantothenic acid.

Healthy fats

Avocado contains monosaturated fats which are considered to be the good ones. It will help you decrease the risk of heart attacks, strokes as well as the cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol levels

Avocados can help you decrease the levels of LDL cholesterol, the blood triglycerides, but also increase the levels of HDL.


Avocados contain an abundance of saturated fat that is very important for the testosterone synthesis, so it has a natural aphrodisiac action and improves the sex drive.

Weight loss

Consuming avocados every day makes you feel full for a longer period of time. Your cravings will be reduced, so you’ll manage to lose some weight.

Blood pressure

Avocadoes contain an abundance of potassium that helps us have a regulated blood pressure.

Absorption of nutrients

Adding avocado in meals which are full of fat-soluble nutrients will help your body absorb them better. It is especially true for alpha-carotene, vitamin D, A, K, E, as well as some antioxidants, like beta-carotene and lutein.


According to researchers, soybean oil and avocado contain unsaponifiables which are especially helpful in the relieving of the symptoms which come with bone arthritis or otherwise called osteoarthritis.

Eye health

This is a kind of fruit abundant in lutein and zeaxanthin that improves your eye health and affects the macular degeneration in a positive way.


Avocadoes contain great amounts of folate, potassium, vitamin C and vitamin B6. They are all very important for the development of your baby’s brain and tissue, but also for the development of the fetus when it’s in the earliest stages of pregnancy.

Prevention of diabetes

Consuming ½ an avocado every day will help you have regulated levels of blood glucose and insulin, but you’ll also decrease the risk of diabetes.


Avocados contain plenty of fiber: 75% of it is insoluble and 25% is soluble.

Fiber decreases the risk of different diseases and blood sugar spikes, but also leads to weight loss. Soluble fiber is also beneficial for the friendly gut bacteria in your intestines.

Bone health

Consuming avocados regularly will help you strengthen your bones because of its contents of vitamin K, copper and folate.

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