Eat Two Bananas A Day And See The Difference

Two Bananas

The banana is an amazing food. It is not only delicious, it is also very healthy. The banana contains all kinds of natural sugars, nutrients, vitamins and fibers.

This fruit actually contains a lot of fibers, vitamins, nutrients, and natural sugars.

As people say, a banana per day keeps the doctors away.

This is one of the most consumed foods in America. In fact, more bananas are eaten in the USA every year than oranges and apples combined together. Some people buy a lot of bananas and consume them during the week. At first, they have greenish and yellow color and they do not have spots.

After some time, they get more brown spots and they cover the banana completely. Keep in mind, the ripper the banana is the more dark patches is found on it, the more TNF it will have.

Do you know what TNF is?

The riper the bananas are, the more cancer fighting substance they contain. TNF is fighting against the abnormal body cell. It is also very useful to enable the communication between the cells of the immune response system.

Additionally, it is helping in the guidance of the cell movements toward the inflamed or infected body areas.

Some studies show that a ripe banana contains TNF and the TNF is obstructing the growth of tumor cell.

They also inhibit the spread of the tumor cells by inducing cell death i.e. apoptosis. The bananas are also strengthening the immunity and they are stimulating the count of the white blood cells.

Remember, do not get rid of the banana that has brown spots on it!

Bananas also help with/to:

  1. Heartburns
  2. High blood pressure
  3. Boost energy
  4. Fight anemia
  5. Fight ulcer
  6. Improve the constipation
  7. Fight depressions
  8. Help with the nerves or PMS
  9. Control the temperature of the body     

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