Nail Symptoms And Their Meaning For The Health

10 Nail Symptoms

The nails give us signals when something is wrong with our body. Some of the signs are not dangerous, and some can point to a chronic issues or diseases or maybe even cancer.

10 nail symptoms and their meaning:

– Dry, brittle or cracked nails

If you have the hands in water really often, if you are exposed to chemicals or you live in low humidity place, you can have dry, brittle or cracked nails.

Sometimes, this can be caused by a thyroid issue, fungal infection or hypothyroidism. Brittle nails can happen due to deficiency of biotin, vitamin A or C deficiency.

  • Yellow nail

Nail polish, aging, smoking and many other reasons may cause yellow nails. If the nails are thick, yellow and crumbly, 90 percents is that you are suffering from a simple fungal infection.

However, psoriasis, thyroid disease, diabetes or respiratory disease can also cause yellow nails.

  • White spots
Close-up of a senior man's ridged and dry finger nails
Close-up of a senior man’s ridged and dry finger nails

If you are constantly under stress and trauma, you may have white spots on the nails. This is not a serious condition. However, visit a dermatologist to see whether they are a signal for some fungal infection.

  • Clubbing

This is a condition where the nails grow downwards and the fingertips are enlarged too. The low oxygen supply in the blood and lungs is causing this. It can also be a symptom for inflammatory bowel diseases, kidney diseases, heart diseases or AIDS.

– Spoon nail

If the nails are getting curved upward on their edges or they look like spoons, this signal shows that you need more iron or maybe you suffer from a heart disease or hypothyroidism.

  • Horizontal ridge

They can be caused by circulatory diseases, diabetes, psoriasis, zinc deficiency and they are also called Beau’s lines.

Another kind of horizontal line, called Mee’s lines, is caused by malaria, Hodgkin’s disease, poisoning with carbon monoxide, arsenic poisoning or leprosy.

– Dark discoloration

If you notice black streak on the nails or if they are painful while growing- visit your doctor immediately.  They can be provoked by melanoma.

  • Vertical ridge
Nail vertical ridge
Nail vertical ridge

In most of the cases elderly person experience this symptom and you should not panic, this is a result of the aging. Sometimes, young people can experience this if they have a lack of magnesium or vitamin B12 or some other nutrient.

  • White nail with some pink strip

If the nails are covered with pink trip and the nails are white, it can be a symptom of kidney failures, liver disease or heart failures or diabetes.

  • Pitting

You may have psoriasis, if you have pits on the nails.

Simple tips for nail care:

  • Keep the nails short and trimmed
  • Don’t use artificial nails and nail polish too much
  • Don’t expose them to chemicals or a lot of water
  • Eat food full of proteins, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins.
  • You can rub them with coconut oil to keep them moisturized

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