The Power of a Squееzed Lemon and a Tablespoon of Olive Oil

Squееzed Lemon and a Tablespoon of Olive Oil

More and more people are looking for new ways for dealing with heath problems.  Alternative medicine gives us many healthy and effective ways and opportunities, we should use this. Moreover, this alternative ways don’t have side effects, and are usually much cheaper.

Everyday our human body accumulates many toxins. This goes for all our organs but mostly our kidneys, intestines and the liver. The main function of these organs is to eliminate these toxins. We can help these organs by drinking lemon and olive oil.

This combination can detox our body and prevent many infections, inflammation and many others illnesses.

This drink can stimulate your immune system and also can protect you from any kind of illness.

The lemon itself is a very healthy food. It contains many minerals and vitamins. Furthermore, the olive oil is considered as one of the healthiest food that we can eat. This means that this combination can do miracles.

This is how you can make this miracle drink:

You should put the two ingredients in a large container, and put them in an equal amount.

These are the benefits of this drink:

  1. It has an ability to cure many and fight many illnesses and problems, and it can relive the pain.
  2. It has the ability to maintain your liver and gallbladder in balance
  3. It eliminates bad cholesterol and it can maintain a normal blood flow
  4. It can help you with problems with your abdomen, like constipation
  5. It has a great effect on your beauty, because of its ability to make your hair and nails stronger and healthier. Moreover, it makes your skin more soft and beautiful.

As you can see, this combination of lemon and olive oil has many benefits on your general health and beauty, you should start using it on a dally base.

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