Use Parsley And Lemon To Improve Your Blood Sugar

Water with parsley and lemon

How to improve the state of your blood sugar with natural medicine and not using medications for diabetes?

All you need are six lemons and 300 grams of parsley.


You should wash the parsley and shred it. Place the parsley in the pot and put the lemon juice. You should cover this.

Then, you should put this pot in another that has water that is boiling inside. After you finish this, you should reduce the heat. Simmer it on heat that is low for around two hours.

After that you should remove the pots. Open the pot when it has cool down. You should keep this mix in a very well closed jar and to put it inside your refrigerator.

You should take one tablespoon of this mixture every morning 30 minutes before you have breakfast. The mixture will be enough for two months. You will be able to see the advancement of the sugar in your blood after these two months.   

Why is parsley so healthy?

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