Use These Simple Recipes And Get Rid Of The Insects In Your Home On A Natural Way

imple Recipes And Get Rid Of The Insects

You probably love summer, but you definitely hate the boring insects that come in summer. We all hate them. They can be seen everywhere. You probably use chemicals to repel the insects. They can be really harmful for your health.

Isn’t it better to look for a natural solution? Read this article and you will find out which natural solutions you can use.

Natural insect repellent:

  1. Cedar – moths hate it
  2. Citrus peel- they repel spiders (rub the surfaces with the peels)
  3. Lemon eucalyptus oil- it repel mosquitoes
  4. Garlic – sprinkle some garlic powder on you and the it will keep the mosquitoes away
  5. White vinegar – spray the areas in the home where the ants get in
  6. Aromatic herbs- they will keep the insects away from your house. You can use bay leaves, lemongrass, citronella, min, garlic, catnip or basil.
  7. Clean your home more often
  8. Cinnamon- insects hate it
  9. Baby powder – sprinkle this powder in the house and it will repel the bugs
  10. Chalk – draw lines and the ants won’t cross them
  11. Cucumber – cucumber slices repel the ants
  12. Onion- soak onion in some water and the bugs will escape. Onion plants also keep the garden safe.
  13. Baking soda and sugar – the sugar provokes the cockroaches and you can eliminate them. You need to use equal parts of baking soda and sugar and sprinkle the affected places.
  14. Vanilla extract- use vanilla, lemongrass, water, mint or lavender extract. This mixture is a great repellent with a pleasant smell.
  15. Light clothes– wear light clothes, mosquitoes like dark clothes and they won’t come near you.
  16. Relax- bugs like when people are sweaty and stressed
  17. Soybean oil – this oil repeal insects
  18. Citronella – put it in a torch, lantern, candle or on your skin
  19. Unscented toiletry – it won’t attract insects
  20. Standing water– get rid of the standing water and you will get rid of the mosquitoes.

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