Use This Seven Day Cucumber Diet And Lose Weight In Just One Week

Cucumber Diet And Lose Weight

We offer you an amazing seven day cucumber diet which will help you lose weight very fast.

You can include cucumber in every meal. It is really beneficial for you. It cleanses the intestines, improves the digestion, purifies the organism, and cleanses the skin and the face.

Plan for your meals


Slice a 200 grams cucumber and use low fat yogurt. Mix these two ingredients and eat them. If you are still hungry, eat one or two apple or maybe one peach.


Consume a plate of salad made of cucumbers with some slices of dry bread.

Or you can use this recipe: 

  • Cucumber
  • fresh fruits (300 grams)
  • potatoes (two)
  • Drinks: Tea and coffee without sugar

Boil the potatoes for some time and you can later bake the potatoes as you wish. Add some cucumber and whole wheat bread in slices and consume this.

The fresh fruit can be consumed as a snack later on. The tea and the coffee should be drunk without any sugar.

Another recipe which you can try:

  • Cucumber
  • white wheat (15 grams) or  eggs (15 grams) / tuna (150 grams)
  • potatoes (two) / slice of whole wheat bread (three)

You can choose whether to eat potatoes or bread. Pick just one. Combine it with some tuna and cucumber slices. If you don’t like tune, use white meat and boiled eggs. You should drill this meat.

Cucumber Shake

Consume this shake between the main meals. You don’t need to limit it- drink a lot of this shake.


  • one cucumber
  • Ginger
  • One apple
  • almonds and walnuts (20 grams)
  • spinach (a handful)

Put the ingredients in a blender. You need to put the apple, cucumber and spinach first.

Blend the ingredients for some while with the peels. Put the ginger in the mixture and blend more time.

Decorate the glass with walnuts and almonds. Consume this mix right away. Don’t leave it to rest. The shake contains vitamin K, C, B, A, magnesium, fibers and iron.


You need 300 grams of fruits. Make yourself a fruit salad.

In order to have excellent results after only seven days, you need to be strict and patient.

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